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Balloon Centerpieces

We can customize any of our balloon centerpieces to coordinate with your party theme and colors.  Prices start at $15 for a small Mylar centerpiece.  Twisted designs are priced according to the time to create the design.

Let's Create Your Balloon Centerpiece!

Themed Floor Pieces

Our themed Floor Art is a giant version of a centerpiece.  We use 3' to 4' numbers and themed balloons as the focal point of the design.  The base design comes with two feature balloons, but additional balloons can be added during the design process.  a finished piece stands 4' - 8' depending on the balloon selections.  You choose the theme and colors and I will put it together! 

Let's Create Your Themed Balloon Floor Art!

Stuffed Balloons

Our stuffed balloons are a fun way to surprise someone special.  Stuffed balloons can be used as a centerpiece for the party design and double as an alternative for a gift bag.  We can stuff anything that will fit through a 5" opening into one of our stuffed balloons.  We then fill the balloon with confetti or small balloon.  Our basic stuffed balloon comes topped with a giant bow, but you can upgrade to a Mylar or twisted topper.

Let's Creat Your Stuffed Balloon!

Organic Balloon Garland / Arches

Our balloon garland is priced at $15 per linear foot, delivered and installed  on your structure.  Are balloon structures area available, but a mileage fee applies when using our structures.  You choose the balloon colors (as many colors as you like), sizes, length and design.  We can even add in themed Mylar balloons if requested.   

Let's Create Your Organic Balloon Garland or Arch!

Standard Balloon Balloon Arches

Our balloon arches are $12 per linear foot plus mileage.  You choose the colors and we deliver and install on our structure.  Our most commonly requested balloon arches are 10' table top arch, 15' narrow arch, and 24' large arch. 

Let's Create Your Balloon Arch!

Balloon Columns

Balloon Columns are some of our most flexible designs.  They are tall and easily moved.  The client chooses the colors, pattern, and themed topper in these designs.  Balloon columns are $72 each plus a $10 deposit for the structure.  

Let's Create Your Balloon Column